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Birthday Bliss at Fundamaya!

Some children have never celebrated their birthday and we are so grateful when sponsors want to help a child celebrate their birthday! It is just magic for them to come to the office and to stand before the big cupboards that hold all sorts of gifts and they can choose their own gift, often for the first time in their lives!

These adorable twins chose the same presents for their birthday! Their sponsor also sent them food and a cake!

This is a huge amount of food for a family that has been going through the pandemic. The mother who is a single mother has worked hard to try to keep food on the table and to pay the rent, but having a gift of food like this is just like winning the lottery!

The cupboard is full of wondrous gifts for boys!!! and for girls!!!!

Little Dulce loved being able to pick out a doll and her mother loved it too!!

To send a birthday package to a sponsored student or if you would just like to send a birthday package to a child who doesn't have any gifts, it is just $95 US for the cake, the birthday gift, which they choose and food...or just $25 for a gift , $45 for a basket of food and $25 US for a cake.

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