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COVID 19 has caused a huge problem for families in Guatemala who do not have enough to eat.

FundaMaya is trying as hard as we can to give out food to families to help them survive these difficult times.

But we are aware that this is going to be a longer struggle than any of us anticipated. 

We are continuing to engage in long term solutions to help families with food and nutrition - with the intent for them to continue well past the current crisis.

As a result, we are partnering with Cultiva International ( and building home garden boxes for families.  

These boxes are constructed and have plants already growing in them that are part of the Guatemalan diet when the family receives them.

Fundamaya will provide training classes and ongoing support so that these gardens become a success.

Thanks to a very generous donation we have ten boxes currently being built to distribute.

We need help to support this program.   Each box and its already growing garden costs $125 US.  To make a donation, please go to our website, and click on the donate button. Please note it is for the garden project.    If you would like to nominate a student you sponsor or a family you know, first we would have to determine whether they have the space to be able to have a garden box at their home.  

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