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Below are 3 books full of all our children of all ages needing sponsorship


Although school in Guatemala is technically free, attendance costs are simply too high for many families. The need to purchase school supplies, uniforms, books, and shoes, as well as pay for transportation and meals is just too much. Thus, their children lose out on the enormous benefits of an education. This often results in children becoming part of the work force at a very young age, replicating a cycle of poverty that has gone on for generations.

Sponsoring a child to go to school removes these obstacles and offers an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. It gives hope of a greater future for the children, their families, and even their community.

Student receives a backpack, school supplies, new school shoes and gym shoes, and other necessary items for school.

For $40 month or $480 year, a sponsor can give a child the opportunity to get an education and change his/her future.

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