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"One team, One mission" is the name of our firefighter program.


What does it mean to be a BOMBERO VOLUNTARIO (firefighter) in Guatemala? It is very hard work as there is hardly the equipment needed  to be able to work, and unfortunately there is very little support. They don't have enough equipment, medical supplies and vehicles (firetrucks/ambulances) that are in good condition or even in bad condition. We at FundaMaya believe that it is very important for us to be able to support them, as they work locally as the EMTs, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Firefighters. Our support program started in November of 2013. Before that, every time we got a medical donation (bandages, gauze, etc.), we would send it to the fire stations as many stations didn't have enough equipment to work with.


We were very excited when Chief Scott Magness came down to Guatemala and asked us if he could do a training course. We were so happy to have him come help.

 We had two fire stations come learn about basic CPR. They loved the training and afterwards Chief Magness gave out donations to them.  Chief Magness comes from Clearwater and his various stations have always supported and donated towards our firefighters. Now, when he does training he has about 18 fire stations come and enjoy his training. There were many basic things that they did not know and were anxious to ask questions and learn. 

Currently, we have many fire stations who have received training courses, fire trucks and necessary equipment. We are also extremely grateful to Chief Jim Jones and his firefighter family, Rotary Club from Monticello Florida, and from King’s Bay Rotary, Crystal River for their generous donations of sending down retired firetrucks. Chief Jones has came down many times to train with the firetrucks he's sent down. He loves helping the our local firefighters and showing them how to use the firetrucks that are donated.

We wouldn't have been able to have our program if it wasn't for Oficial Mario Churunel from the Bomberos station 33 from Panajachel, Julio Mucun from FundaMaya, and Zoe Mara (founder of program) from FundaMaya.

We now have these station in our care: San Jorge, Los Encuentros, Panajachel, San Andres, San Lucas, Patulul, San Antonio Such., Tiquisate, Concepcion, Santa Lucia Cotz, Santa Maria Cauque, Chupol, Nahuala and Estanzuela.

We have a great need for all sorts of equipment and trucks.  Please help if you can!

If you have any questions and/or want to donate firefighting equipment, please email

Thank you!

Firefighter program

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