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Elderly feeding program

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There is no social safety net in Guatemala and the elderly often have to rely on the help of neighbors or relatives.  However, neighbors and relatives often have only enough food for their immediate families. Nobody should have to choose between feeding a child and feeding an elderly parent or grandparent.

The Elderly Sponsorship program provides life-changing support to elderly women and men living in poverty.  Sponsorship not only helps provide basic necessities to the elderly including five meals a week, but also ensures that they will have the companionship of not only their peers, but also some of sponsored children. The feeling of being connected to the community can be as important to their sense of well-being as the food we provide.

For $45 a month ($63 Canadian) a senior can have the assurance that at least once a day, five days a week, they can count on a hot, nutritious meal  and companionship. It can provide hope and the knowledge that they still matter.

FundMaya Elderly Care Feeding Program
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