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holiday food baskets

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While education is important to breaking the cycle of poverty in many families, having adequate food and being able to celebrate special days with family meals helps to strengthen families. FundaMaya offers the opportunity to give holiday gift baskets of traditional food.

*Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, baskets of mixed food are suspended, instead we are giving critical staples of corn, beans, rice, and eggs. This food will sustain the families for longer periods. If you have sent a basket of food, the family will receive the above listed foods for the amount that was sent.*

$50 ($70 Canadian) provides a holiday basket with enough food to feed a family of 8 - 10 for several meals.

$20 ($26 Canadian) provides an elderly person with bag of food to ensure they have enough to eat over the holidays when the feeding program is closed.

Please consider donating a food basket or bag!

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