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For $40 month ($56 Canadian) or $480 year ($672 Canadian), a sponsor can give a head start to a child entering the educational system, and for $125 US ($175 Canadian) per month or $1,500 US ($2,100 Canadian) per year you can sponsor a Univeristy student and give them the chance to succeed in the future. 

 School in Guatemala is a privilege, attendance costs are simply too high for many families. The need to purchase school supplies, uniforms, books, and shoes, as well as pay for transportation and meals is just too much. Thus, their children lose out on the enormous benefits of an education. This often results in children becoming part of the workforce at a very young age, replicating a cycle of poverty that has gone on for generations.
Sponsoring a child to go to school removes these obstacles and offers an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. It gives hope of a greater future for the children, their families, and even their community.

The student receives a backpack, school supplies, new school shoes and gym shoes, and other necessary items for school.


There is no social safety net in Guatemala and the elderly often have to rely on the help of neighbors or relatives.  However, neighbors and relatives often have only enough food for their immediate families. Nobody should have to choose between feeding a child and feeding an elderly parent or grandparent.

The Elderly Sponsorship program provides life-changing support to elderly women and men living in poverty.  Sponsorship not only helps provide basic necessities to the elderly including five meals a week, but also ensures that they will have the companionship of not only their peers but also some of the sponsored children. The feeling of being connected to the community can be as important to their sense of well-being as the food we provide.

For $45 a month ($63 Canadian) a senior can have the assurance that at least once a day, five days a week, they can count on a hot, nutritious meal and companionship. It can provide hope and the knowledge that they still matter.


Education is not only limited to the children. At Fundamaya we believe that one of the keys to assisting the community as a whole is to provide opportunities for individual women to learn and use skills to gain greater economic independence for their families. We put this belief into action with income-generating opportunities such as providing comprehensive sewing classes, with the desire to give sewing machines to community members who complete the sewing program.

Please consider supporting a student in our sewing program and/or donating sewing machines or supplies.​

The cost for the beginner's sewing class is $200 US and can do it at $33.33 US monthly for 6 months. This includes one woman successfully completing the course and receiving all the materials she needs.​

Fundamaya offers an advanced sewing class that cost $220 US and you can do the monthly payments for 10 months at $22 US, this also includes all the materials needed.​

The sewing machines have a cost of $380 US, these machines are given at the end of the beginner's sewing class.



While our focus is on education, the lack of basic needs can sometimes create challenges that make learning difficult or impossible. Without food, basic housing, or urgent medical care a child cannot focus and learn in school.

Chronic malnutrition and worry can affect a child’s ability to learn; a secure home and food security allows that child to focus and thrive. There are some families that need urgent aid, such as emergency medical care, the loss of a family member, or a natural disaster. While others may need ongoing help to get back on track, such as a single mother without enough food for her children or an injured father who cannot work to provide for his family.

With a donation for family aid, we are able to help those families with shelter, food, and medical assistance.
Donations can be made for a specific situation or to the general fund for any urgent need.


Our Uniting Families program was established for adoptive families. We can assist with Guatemalan birth mother/birth family searches and can assist in providing one-time gifts or ongoing aid to birth families.


Our experience and discretion in birth family matters have made this program very successful.



A large population of stray dogs and cats results in suffering for the animals and quality of life issues for the community. We, therefore, work to educate our students on responsible and compassionate handling of animals.

It is also so important for us to be to spay and neuter any animal possible.

If you would like to donate towards our program for animal food, vet services, and spaying we would be grateful!

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