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Nearly half of all preschool-aged children in Guatemala suffer from malnutrition, and many families in rural areas do not speak Spanish in the home. These two factors make getting a good education difficult for many children. This is why Fundamaya is proud to manage three Preschool Nutrition Centers in several rural communities in the Lake Atitlán region. These centers give children from some of the most impoverished families the chance get a start on their education and to receive critical nutritional assistance so they can grow up healthy and strong and be able to have success in school.

Benefits of the preschool program to the student:
Each preschool student receives a nutritious meal and snack every day, so they will have the energy to learn.
Each will receive a bilingual education to ensure Spanish fluency which will prepare them for Spanish language public school.

Parents of students are taught how to best support their child for success in the often confusing education system.

For  $40 a month ($56 Canadian) or $480 a year ($672 Canadian), a sponsor can give a head start to a child entering the educational system.

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Preschool Nutrition Center

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