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Education is not only limited to the children. At FundaMaya we believe that one of the keys to assisting the community as a whole is to provide opportunities for individual women to learn and use skills to gain greater economic independence for their families. We put this belief into action with income-generating opportunities such as providing comprehensive sewing classes, with the desire to give sewing machines to community members who complete the sewing program.

Please consider supporting a student in our sewing program and/or donating sewing machines or supplies.

The cost for the sewing class is $380 US and can do it at $23.75 monthly for 16 months. This includes one woman successfully completing the course, receiving all the materials she needs and a sewing machine once she graduates.

The course is for 16 months for beginners and another 16 months for advanced course.

We currently partner with Global Legacy Programs who helps us to provide sewing machines to the women upon completion of class.

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FundaMaya's Sewing Program
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