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Do you like volunteering?

We invite you to come to Panajachel, Guatemala to volunteer with Fundamaya. These experiences can be life-changing. It can be a meaningful and educational experience! You can experience for yourself the different indigenous communities of Guatemala.

Volunteering at FUNDAMAYA will give you the opportunity to learn about the Mayan culture, our mission, and the reality of the Indigenous families that live in the highlands of Guatemala. This will allow you to live and see the world from another perspective very different from the one we are used to living.

We invite individuals, families, or groups (students, churches, friends, etc.) to visit us and take with you the best experience you can have in Guatemala.
If you have questions or want to start organizing your next visit you can write to us at the following e-mail addresses: &

Get information about the hotel, transportation, food, work plans, and everything you need to have a welcoming visit and support a worthy cause. Please book Travel Insurance when you book your trip with the airline of your choice!

We can also arrange for certain fun activities!!

Have a fun time to install an onil stove for $190 US

Give a water filter to a family in need for $112 US

Provide lunch for all our elderly at our center for $215 US

Bring a yummy lunch to our preschool for $100

or give a delicious snack to the preschoolers for $75

Hand out chickens to many families who want to have egg laying hens


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