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Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Firefighters)

by Zoe ~

Last night in Panajachel, near the road heading towards the town of Santa Catarina Palopo, there was a big mountain fire. Thankfully, the Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Firefighters) from Panajachel were able to contain the fire even though the wind wasn't helping their situation.

Julio Cesar, who works with our Bombero program, and our photographer went to take photos and ask if any assistance was needed as Julio had previously received Bombero training. Chief Scott Magness from Clearwater, FL was able to do training with many bomberos about combating fires. We are extremely grateful to retired Chief Jim Jones and the Kings Bay Rotary Club from Florida, as without the donated fire truck they wouldn't had been able to put out this fire. Chief Jim and Chief Scott very soon are sending down another fire truck which will go to the Fire Department in San Antonio Suchitepequez. Hopefully we are able to get more help for these brave men and women as they really need it!

If you are interested in helping, doing training or sending down any firefighter equipment please write to Zoe at GRACIAS!

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