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Christmas Tamale baskets!

It is our pleasure and joy every Christmas to try and give out as many Tamale baskets as we can so that the families we work with can enjoy a Christmas meal with their families.

It is traditional here in Guatemala that the family eat tamales at midnight, drink hot chocolate or a delicious non- alcoholic punch made with fruit, called "Caliente" because it is served hot.

We started this tradition of giving out Christmas Tamale baskets 15 years ago after I heard

the very sad story of two of our sponsored siblings who came from a very poor family

of two of our sponsored siblings who came from a very poor family, a very hard working single mother. I was told that at midnight these children went from door to door hoping that someone would share a tamale with them or give them a cup of hot chocolate. When I asked why their mother had not made any at home, I was told that she did not have any money to buy the ingredients to make a tamale.

I wondered how expensive could it be to make a tamale? Well, it turns out that you need quite a few ingredients and it was definitely beyond what many families could afford to buy to make their Christmas meal.

Since then we have tried very hard to have as many Christmas baskets of food for families as is possible.

We always have a long line of people waiting and hoping that they will get a basket of food.

Please consider donating a Christmas Tamale basket to your student and their family and if you do not sponsor with us please consider donating a basket of food for a family in need.

This year has been a hard year for everyone and the families in Guatemala have less food than ever. It is just $45 US ( $60 CAD) to donate a basket of food that will feed at least 10 people and last them at least a week.

Every year we try to make sure that all the seniors in our Elderly Care program also have a basket of food or at least a smaller bag of food. We have 86 seniors that would love to have a basket of food . If we cannot give them a basket we give them a bag of food for just $20 US. ( $27CAD)

This year, with the Covid pandemic, it will be even harder for these families to be able to share the Christmas joy with their families.

We hope that you can help us to make this a very much happier Christmas this year.

Please note on your payment that it is for a Christmas basket. If it is for a student or an elderly person you sponsor, please note their ID. number. If it is for a family in need, please note that it is for General Christmas Baskets.


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