community AID


(Prices in U.S. Dollars)

*Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, baskets of mixed food are suspended, instead we are giving critical staples of corn, beans, rice, and eggs. This food will sustain the families for longer periods. If you have sent a basket of food, the family will receive the above listed foods for the amount that was sent.*

While our main focus is on education, the lack of basic needs can sometimes create challenges that make learning difficult or impossible. Without food, basic housing, or urgent medical care a child cannot focus and learn. With a donation for family aid, we are able to help those families with shelter, food, and medical assistance.
Donations can be made for a specific situation or item (see below)** or to the general fund for any urgent need.



Community Mask project for Covid19 $2.00

(minimum 5 orders $10.00)


Holiday Bag of food for Elderly     $20.00

Basket of Food - Standard             $45.00

Food for Family 10-14 people       $200.00

Food for Family 6-10 people         $150.00

Food for Family 3-6 people           $95.00

100 pound Bag of Corn                  $50.00

50 pound Bag of Corn                    $25.00

50 pound Bag of Rice                      $40.00

25 pound Bag of Rice                      $20.00

100 pound Bag of Beans                $116.00

50 pound Bag of Beans                   $58.00

25 pound Bag of Beans                   $29.00

Carton of Eggs (30 count)                $7.00


Food basket- Standard                   $45.00

Christmas food basket                  $45.00

Semana Santa/Easter food basket $45.00

Thanksgiving Food baskets         $45.00

Valentine's Day food basket                   $45.00

Mother's or Father's day food basket $45.00

             HOUSEHOLD ITEMS


Double bed                                     $140.00

Double bed and mattress            $198.00

Double mattress only                    $58.00

Single bed mattress only              $50.00

Single bed and mattress               $160.00

Sheets                                               $30.00

Pillows                                              $10.00

Blankets                                            $35.00


Solar Light                                       $10.00

Table - Small                                    $40.00

Table - Medium                               $67.00

Table - Large                                    $87.00

Large Table with 6 Chairs             $190.00

Medium Table with 4 Chairs        $135.00

Small Table with 2 Chairs              $75.00

Wooden Chair                                 $17.00

Closet - Medium                             $183.00

Closet - Large                                  $250.00

Large Kitchen Cabinet                   $260.00

Medium Kitchen Cabinet              $166.00

Cement Pila (for water & wash)     $158.00

Plastic Pila (for families that live    $210.00

where a larger and heavier cement pila is not feasible)

Water Filter (Ecofilter)                    $75.00

Ecological Stove (Onil Stove)         $190.00



Large Birthday Cake, Gift, & Food Basket      $95.00

Birthday Cake ONLY (or other occasion cake  $25.00

Traditional Adult Woman's Outfit                 $195.00

Traditional Young Ladies Outfit                    $185.00

Traditional Young Girl's Outfit                       $160.00

Ladies Traditional Apron                                $25.00

Sweater & Apron for Ladies                           $53.00

Leather Shoes - Adult                                      $42.00

Shoes for Children                                           $35.00

Mens Clothing - Adult                                      $75.00

Young Boy's Clothing                                       $60.00

(mens & boys clothing includes jeans, t-shirts, and socks)

Young Girl's Clothing*                                     $75.00

(*non-traditional-includes jeans, 2 blouses, socks, underwear)

                      ~Christmas Gifts~

Dolls, Balls (basketball or Soccer), Books,

Set of Play Dishes, Little Cars, Super Heroes,

Sweater, Sandals                                           $25.00 each

                           VARIOUS PACKAGES

Family Health Package                         $45.00

(toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, detergent, soap, disinfectant, shampoo, soap for dishes and general cleaning)

Hygiene Package - Women/Young Ladies   $45.00

(underwear, washable sanitary napkins, detergent, soap, shampoo)

SPORT PACKAGE                                    $82.00

(pair of soccer/futbol or basketball shoes, ball, and a jersey)


(pair of rain boots, rain cape, umbrella)


                         MEDICAL CARE

Prices Vary for Individual Needs - Please EMAIL infofundamaya@gmail For Pricing

~Visits to the Doctor

~Visits to the Hospital

~Visits to the Dentist

Patient Appointments Can Also Be Accompanied by a member of FundaMaya Staff

**Please note that if you need to request something not listed, or make a custom request, please contact us at, we are glad to adjust as needed.

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