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celebrating more Guatemalan women for Women's History month.

Continuing celebrating Guatemalan women for Women's History Month.

Sara Curruchich (born 25 July 1993) is a Guatemalan singer-songwriter of Kaqchikel descent. She sings in both Spanish and the Kaqchikel language, and is one of the first musicians to use the latter in popular music.[1] She became well-known in her country with her 2015 song "Ch'uti'xtän" ("Girl").[2] Since then, she has released two albums and multiple singles. Curruchich is also an activist in defense of women's and indigenous people's rights. For her work as an activist, she has won the MIAW Transformer Award at the 2021 MTV Millennial Awards,[3] and been selected for the Ford Fellowship Foundation Global Fellowship Program.

Information from Wikepedia.

To read more about Sara please go to this full link.

To hear her music please go to this link on Youtube.

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