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Please meet Clarivel. Clarivel is 33 years old. She is married and has two daughters, one who is 13 years old and a 5-year-old. Clarivel graduated with a degree in Accountancy and she is now working towards her degree in Business Administration.

Clarivel works as an assistant to our accountant, Estuardo but she also works in the Empowerment Program. She handles a lot of the products for our Artisan program and for our little store that we have at FundaMaya. Our Artisan program is producing cushion covers, masks, beaded bracelets, necklaces, key chains and other items. The Artisan program provides work for women with beading, weaving and sewing. Clarivel works with the women, producing designs, quality control and allocating work.

Clarivel is a great pleasure to work with. She is always trying her hardest to make sure the products we produce are of the very best quality. She also knows how important this work is to women. With the money, they earn they are able to buy food for their children and send them to school.

The Artisan program is very important to us. It keeps the wonderful tradition of backstrap weaving alive and provides an income to those women who produce these beautiful items.

The Sewing Program also is very special to us. The women who have graduated from our sewing classes are able to work producing cushion covers, bags, purses, etc.

Beading provides work to women producing bracelets, necklaces, keychains etc.

Women do not want a handout, they want to be able to work and provide for themselves and their families. This program makes this possible.

Please keep posted as we will soon be opening our Fundamaya Etsy store!

If you are interested in purchasing items or interested in purchasing items wholesale please contact me.

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