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Meet Zusana who works in our Family Aid program.

Zusana accompanies patients to medical, dental and eye appointments, arranges their medicines and does the reports. She also organizes all appointments and travel for patients and does the follow-up. This keeps her very busy as we try to help as many people as we can with our medical program. Zusana also manages the small clinic we have and keeps control of the medicines and medical equipment that is donated.

Zusana often visits patients at home to see how they are doing and arrange any other needs we can help them with.

Zusana has a degree in Social Work and is now completing her Master's Degree in Social Work.

Zusana is 25 years old, She lives with her mother and sister. Zusana is not only very compassionate and caring but also very efficient. We are very lucky to have her working with us.

Many people need someone to accompany them to the doctors office. Often they do not speak Spanish well, or they are just intimidated. Zusana is a go between for them between the doctor and explaining all the medications to them and the treatment.

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