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Teacher appreciation day in guatemala.

Today is the day that teachers are appreciated in Guatemala.

We are very grateful to the wonderful teachers that we have working with us at Fundamaya.

We are also very grateful to all the teachers who work teaching all the children in Guatemala.

In public schools, there are never enough school supplies and often the teachers have to purchase their own supplies. The teachers do not make a lot of wages to be able to cover extra expenses.

We are grateful to all the teachers who went the extra mile during the pandemic, going to children's homes, helping them to understand their school work, calling them, and doing the best they could under very difficult circumstances.

We are happy to have so many of our sponsored students studying to be teachers. These are the teachers who will shape the generation of Guatemalan children in the future!

Education is not a right in Guatemala, it is something that many children and families struggle to provide.

Thank you to all our sponsors who make it possible for so many children to stay in school, to be able to dream of a brighter future.

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