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The prices of Traditional Traje (Maya traditional clothing) vary based on factors such as weaving, quality, size, and town of origin. As a result, we offer a range of prices. 

The traditional traje includes a blouse which are called HUIPILES, a long woven skirt called CORTE and a belt called FAJA.

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3rd quality traditional "traje"



2nd quality traditional "traje"



Machine quality traditional "traje"



Backtrap woven traditional "traje" $868

Traditional Men Clothing 

Traditional Apron to wear with traditional clothing

Traditional Sweater for Ladies to wear with traditional clothing

Leather/sandal shoes for women

Leather/sandal shoes for young girl

Men's Clothing - Adult

Boy's clothing

Girl's Clothing (non-traditional clothing)

Adult rain coat $33

Child rain coat $13

Adult rain boots $38

Girl's and young girl puffer jacket $68

Children rain boots $14

Umbrella (one size) $20

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