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2021 school year is here!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Dear friends,

2021 school year is here!

Last year we were hoping that this year things would be much more settled but it hasn't happened yet!

The school year starts in Guatemala in January and for some schools in February.

The school year finishes in October and November.

Every year January is a very stressful time for parents who are trying to find the funds to send their children back to school with

everything that they need.

This year has been especially stressful as parents have very little work.

At this time, schools are mostly going to be virtual and so the students need access to internet so that they can receive their classes and work.

A lot of students are receiving classes on cellphones with WhatsApp.

Some lucky ones have computers at home but the majority don't.

We have some students who do not have cell phones and cannot get their work sent to them. For these students the teachers arrange to meet the parents at school and then the parents pick it up and drop it back when it is finished.

Please take a moment to watch our video about back to school 2021!

The children in our Fundamaya preschools will continue to receive food to have at home.

The teachers send work home with the parents and have it sent back to them. Our preschool teachers are also visiting children at home as much as they can.

Our Gabby Lewis Library in Tierra Linda will be open for children to

borrow books.

Since the first week in January we have been giving students their school supplies, backpacks and shoes, Backpacks are important for the children to be able to keep their school supplies. Many children live in houses that do not have cupboards and shelves. They don't have anywhere to keep their materials. So a backpack is very much needed. Many children do not have a table and chair to sit at to do their homework.

FundaMaya has approximately 860 students in the FundaMaya program. Every one of them is important to us. We care about their future. We know that they are the future for their families and the future of Guatemala. We thank you for your support for these children.

To sponsor a child it is just $35 US per month. A little over a dollar day! It is $420 US per year.

Please visit our website, to see the children who are waiting for sponsorship or email us at

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