December 1, 2020


Matching Facebook Donations

Begins at 8am EST, Tuesday, December 1, 2020

(Note: Normally the Facebook Matching Funds are gone within about 5 minutes. If you can donate at 8am EST, we have the best chance of receiving additional funds for the FundaMaya Preschool & Nutrition Centers)

Facebook is matching $7 million (USD) that are given via any qualifying non-profit's Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraising campaign on December 1, 2020 starting at 8am EST!

Facebook will make matches "made on a first-come, first-served basis and will continue until the $7M USD fund has been met."

Matching 100% of the first $2M made in qualifying donations. (Ex. Donor gives $100 to Action Alliance's Facebook Campaign before the first $2M is given out, then an additional $100 will be donated by Facebook.)

Matching 10% on the next $5M made in qualifying donations. (Ex. Donor gives $100 to Action Alliance's Facebook Campaign after the first $2M is given out (but before the next $5M is given out), then an additional $10 will be donated by Facebook.)

Matching Cap per nonprofit: $100,000 USD

Matching Cap per donor: $20,000 USD

Finishes when the $7M has been matched by donors on Facebook Fundraising Campaigns.

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8AM & 12PM on December 1

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Goal: $25,000 ($33,500 CAD)

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Dear FundaMaya Friends,

The cycle....

What will your donation "look like" in 20-30 years from now? Out of the 100 preschoolers who are in our program this year, how many will be teachers, accountants, nurses, doctors, engineers, or other professionals in 20-30 years? How will they be impacting their communities and families - and breaking the cycle of poverty?

We hope each of these 100 students will make it through the equivalent of a high school education in the US, if not to working towards a university degree. We are also realistic and know that might not happen. We do know though that each of the children will have learned Spanish, along with their native language. This alone will open up more of the world to them.

For each additional year of school that a child is able to complete, we know it continues to open up choices and opportunities and gets us closer to the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. If you know how to do basic math, read, and write, then you are more likely to be able to read a contract and know what it says. You can help your child with their education. You can understand that there are choices in life and just because someone tells you to do something, you don't have to. You can critically think on your own. You might have the ability to use a computer and research information from across the world, as you know how to read and interpret the wealth of information at your fingertips.