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Christmas gifts.

It is the season for giving and many of our sponsors like to send a gift for Christmas to their student, to the family or to an elderly person they sponsor. Some people like to send a general gift for a family in need, such as a water filter, a stove or a bed.


To give a child a toy for Christmas it is $25 US.

~Christmas Gifts~

Dolls, Balls (basketball or Soccer), Books,

Set of Play Dishes, Little Cars, Super Heroes, dolls ,

for teenagers we choose other items such as

Sweater, Sandals                                           $25.00 each US

Want to give more than one gift to your student?

You can choose to give more than one gift to your student, that is up to you!

If you would like to give a toy for each child in the family, that would be wonderful.

If you would like to send an item for the family - here is the list from our website of items that are available. Please go to this page and click on the link that says . LIST OF ITEMS TO DONATE.

Every year we have had Christmas parties to celebrate where Santa came and each child received a toy, often second hand but they didn't care, they just were so excited to receive a gift.

Unfortunately, this year due to the Pandemic we are unable to have any Christmas parties but if you are able to send a gift then we will be delivering them to your student.

How do we choose the toy for your student....usually we don't! They do!! We have a selection of toys, balls, books, stuffed animals and they get to choose the gift that they want!


One of the traditions of Christmas in Guatemala is that it is customary to have new clothes. This is something that most of the families we work with are unable to do , especially this year. But if you would like to donate clothes for your student, we will be very happy to make sure that they get them in time for Christmas and the New Year.


This is a gift that really supports the culture of Guatemala. Many young girls cannot afford to wear traditional clothing but they would love to have it. Giving the gift of traditional clothing not only gives the love of the culture but also provides work for the women who weave these outfits.

Most of the girls that we sponsor wear traditional clothing. These outfits are costly but the advantage of them is that they last for years and years. They consist of a guipil...( a blouse) , a corte ( a skirt) and a faja ( a belt). The cost of an outfit is $160 US. for a child under 12 years old, $185 US for over 12 years old or adult.

If you would like to give a gift to a girl or woman who wears traditional clothing it is also a lovely gift to give a traditional apron for $25 US or a sweater for $25 US.

SHOES....are very important!

A pair of leather shoes is $35 US. or a pair of gym shoes is $35 US. For this gift the students have the great joy of going to the store and choose the shoes they like and try them on to make sure that they fit. This is a huge thrill for some children who have never had a new pair of shoes. For an adult, a pair of leather shoes is $42 US.


Men and boys love new clothes as well.

Mens Clothing - Adult                                      $75.00

Young Boy's Clothing                                       $60.00

(mens & boys clothing includes jeans, t-shirts, and socks)

Young Girl's Clothing*                                     $75.00

(*non-traditional-includes jeans, 2 blouses, socks, underwear)

Having a table and chairs is a much desired item.. Children have room to do their homework, the family has somewhere to eat! A basic item that means so much.


A is cold here in December and having a bed is a wonderful thing!

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