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Earth day 2022.

Today we celebrate our beautiful Earth and we must all work together to protect our Mother Earth.

At Fundamaya we work hard in several different ways to help the environment and help the people of Guatemala.

1. Energy-efficient wood-burning stoves that use 70 percent less firewood. This helps reduce the number of trees that are cut down for fuel, it also reduces the amount of pollution caused by smoke inside the houses.

To donate a stove it is #190 US

2. Water filters that provide clean drinking water to families. Having a water filter at home prevents families from having to buy plastic water jugs and plastic bags of water.

To donate a water filter it is $75 US.

3. Cement sinks ( pilas) so that families can store water in their homes and have a place to wash their clothes. With this sink, they do not have to go to the lake to wash clothes, which pollutes the lake.

To donate pila to a family it is $158 US

4. Solar panels that provide free electricity and light to the home.

To donate a solar panel to a family it is $60 US.

5. Home gardens that provide a food supply at home for families.

To donate a garden to a family it is $125 US.

6. Today to honor Earth Day we are asking for donations for fruit trees so that we can give a family a tree to have at home, either to plant or keep in a pot. The cost of donating one tree with pot and soil is $18 US.

To donate please go to our website, and note that it is for EARTH DAY.

The change is in your hands!!!

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