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Helping a child to have an education is the way for them to be able to get out of grinding poverty and to have hope for a better life!

When there is a chance for education there is a chance for hope and a chance to have a better life. This is what every parent wants for their child.

Please help a child to achieve these dreams.

For just a little more than $1 US per day, a child will receive sponsorship.

The child will receive all their school supplies, backpack, two pairs of shoes, school fees paid, and a uniform.

They will also receive the support of the Fundamaya social workers. We do all we can to be able to support the student and the family so that the student can stay in school.

Dropping out of school is common as children do not have enough support. They often do not have enough food at home, they need to work to provide medical care for a parent or a sibling. With sponsorship at Fundamaya, they have support and we do our best to help them in every situation.

Please meet some of our children who are in need of sponsorship.

Ester Gabriela. She is in the Fundamaya preschool in 2021. Her student ID. number is #642.

dob. Jan. 26, 2016.

Edwin, Student ID. #639 dob. Jan. 31. 2016 He is in preschool in 2021.

Meet Santiago. He was born on August 19th, 2005. He is in his last year of jnr. High School. His favorite subjects are English and Math. He has a dream to study computer technology.

His student number is #618

Aura is in 6th grade in 2021. She was born on Feb. 9th , 2009. She has 3 sisters. Her parents work in the fields . Her student number is #57.

If you would like to see the other children who are waiting and hoping for sponsorship please go to our website,

For further information please write to us at

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