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Thank you all very much for your well wishes and beautiful messages of solidarity towards our staff and Foundation as some of our staff members battle against the Covid-19 virus. As Executive Director of Fundación Familia Maya (Fundamaya), I would like to thank our staff publicly for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic.

They have been working hard for five months during this Pandemic helping the communities we serve. My two daughters and I have been working from home remotely in Panajachel for personal medical reasons. I wanted to clarify this and to be transparent and clear in our work before any rumors start. Our family will continue working from home for the families we serve. And our staff will be working from home with the specific guidelines given by the Health authorities.

We know that every family that we have helped during this very difficult time has appreciated it. We know that it has been thanks to all of you who have had trust and given your support to Fundamaya that we have been able to do this work.

We have much faith and hope that our staff will recover, and we can be together as our Fundamaya family has been, working and serving the community.

Love to you all, Sharon

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