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FundaMaya Elderly Care Program

by Sharon ~

It is an honor for us to help the Elderly in the communities where we work.

Many years ago we realized that a lot of the elderly people did not have enough to eat.  Even though they may live with families, often the families are struggling so much that there is not much left over for the elderly who are living with them.

We opened two programs, one in Panajachel and one in San Jorge la Laguna where we feed approx. 100 elderly people a day, five days a week. They receive a hot meal and often take home half of this meal to have later on for dinner. We also try to provide the basic comforts for them when possible.

Please meet Pascuala, who is an elderly woman. She never married nor had children and lives with her nieces who take care of her as best they can. They do not have very much themselves but they have given her a space to sleep on the floor. Pascuala showed us the piece of cardboard carton that she has been sleeping on.  

Thanks to three wonderful donors, Pascuala was able to receive a bed,  sheets, a blanket and a pillow. This came at just the right time as yesterday morning we got the news that Pascuala had fallen over and it seemed that she had broken or fractured her leg. We quickly arranged for the bed to be delivered so that she would not be sleeping on the piece of cardboard on the cold floor. 

Pascuala is so happy to have this bed.  Even though she was in a lot of pain with her leg, she was so relieved and happy to have, for her, what is such a luxury item! 

Thank you to the very kind and generous people that made this possible!

We also received the funds for Don Pedro, another one of our seniors who had fallen and fractured his arm. He also lives alone and is dependent on the food that is delivered to him. He had been to the doctor but he was still in a lot of pain and thankfully, another very kind donor has made it possible for him to go back to the doctor and have a check-up and hopefully, receive some relief from his pain.

Pedro has no one to help him and if it was not for FundaMaya and generous donors he would not be having food at this time or medical care.

It is $38 US per month to provide a hot meal five days a week to an elderly person who otherwise may not be eating. If you would be interested in sponsoring an elderly person, please write to me and we will be so happy to give you the information. 

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