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Giving Tuesday

IT'S A MEDICAL EMERGENCY Giving Tuesday is almost here! Our medical fund is extremely low, and we hope that you will consider helping Fundamaya meet urgent Medical needs. The Pandemic has been very hard on everyone and continues to be so with increasing costs and few work opportunities. Our families struggle to put food on the table. There is nothing left over for medical care. The requests we receive at Fundamaya for medical help are many – both for physical ailments and for mental health needs. On Tuesday, November 29th, a day of global giving, help us raise the funds that will provide medical help for the families on our ever-growing list. Our Medical Program includes the following: Medical attention and medications Transportation – many have an 8-hour round trip to the city for chemotherapy, dialysis, and other operations. Eye care and glasses Workshops on Living with Diabetes, as well as providing as much medication as we can for people who are diabetic and cannot afford their medicine Reproductive Education classes for our students and their families Nutrition classes for mothers and caretakers Psychological treatment and counseling Nutritional support for our three Preschools and Nutrition centers. Wellness checks for all children in our preschools. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to help provide: Medical care, Mental health care, and Nutrition.

Every little bit will help! Thank you for considering to help us!

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