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Updated: May 16, 2019

by Sharon ~

Mothers in Guatemala like mothers everywhere love their children. As a mother, there is nothing worse that I could imagine than watching your children go hungry. On Mother's Day in Guatemala at FundaMaya, ( we are delighted to be able to help the hardworking mothers receive the wonderful gift of a basket of food! Thank you to the many people who make this happen!

Some of these very kind and generous people have donated in honor of their beloved mothers.

Here is our Honor Roll of those mothers.

Leslie and her mother.

Donated to Petronila's mother in loving memory of Leslie's mother.

Kim Naylor donated a basket in honor of her mother, Bonnie Branham

Happy Mother's Day Bonnie Branham!

Sam and Fernando Bertenthal donated a basket to Anderson's mother for Mothers Day in Loving memory of Anne Humphreys.

Karen Reynolds donated a basket to a family in need in loving memory of her mother, Mary Alice Reynolds.

Sue Cudd donated a basket to one of her sponsored students in loving memory of her father, David, who loved Guatemala and his granddaughter, Isabela who was born in Guatemala.

Happy Mother's Day to Joy Cudd!

This Elderly blind lady was very happy to receive a Mother's Day cake to share with her family.

Thank you to those of you who were able to help the elderly on this special day.

Even some of the elderly men were not left out on Mother's Day!

In loving memory of Katey Brannum's mother.

In loving memory of Suzanne Revell's mother.

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