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Dear Friends, December, 31, 2020 Thank you from FundaMaya for all your support this year! YOU have made the difference between hunger and having food to eat for so many.

YOU have made it possible for students to be able to continue with their studies during this crazy last year! So many of YOU have supported FundaMaya and those we serve with numerous other needs including:

  • Medicines

  • Medical and Dental Care

  • Eye Glasses & Vision Care

  • Furniture (Beds, Tables, Chairs)

  • Stoves & Water Filters

  • Home Repairs & New Bathrooms

  • New Homes & Purchasing Land

  • & in so many more ways, not least of all - HOPE!

We send you our heartfelt gratitude from all the people who have benefited from your kindness and your generosity! Enjoy this very short video we made to thank you each of YOU. From all of our families to YOU and yours - we wish you a very healthy and very Happy New Year!

Click Here for Video

Happy New Year - and on to 2021!

Sharon Smart - FundaMaya

Lois Reimer - FundaMaya Canada

Linda Cotton and Corrine Nelson - Action Alliance International

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