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International day of the Older Person!

Today is the International Day of the Older Person!

One of the Fundamaya projects dearest to my heart is the Elderly Care program. During normal times we make a hot meal available to each elderly person to either eat at our center or to take home. Now during COVID and being very mindful that many of our elders are very vulnerable we deliver food to their home or a relative comes and picks it up for them.

The elderly that we work with are some of the loveliest people. They have worked hard all their lives. Most of them did not have the chance to go to school. They often do not know how to read or write and in many cases, can't speak Spanish. Many started work as young children and have continued working hard until their bodies cannot physically do it anymore.

They rely on the adult children to help them. They have no pensions. They have no insurance. Their children are their only provider and protection. Most adult children have their own families and are struggling just to provide enough food for them to eat. Often the elderly person is the last to be helped, not because they are not cared about ( though sometimes that is the case) but because there is just not enough resources to go around.

Many of the elderly people in our program do not have mattresses, they sleep on woven straw mats on a bed of wooden planks. This is hard at any age but when you are getting on in years and your bones ache, this is not a warm and comfy bed. Many just want a chair to sit on. Their wants are very simple. Just a few little comforts.

The elderly that we work with never expect anything. They are always so grateful when something, no matter how small is given to them. It has been my honor and pleasure to work with them.

If, on this day of the International Day of the Older person you would like to sponsor an elder or to make a one-time donation we would be very, very grateful.

To sponsor an elderly person it is just $38 US per month.


$51 CAN. Please go to our website

to make a donation.

Receiving much needed medicines.

Visit from our social workers.

Don Ricardo who was deaf. He just passed away from COVID leaving his wife who is blind alone. Fundamaya continues to help her and do all we can to make her comfortable.

Having a visit sometimes and knowing someone cares is just the best thing!

This lady is suffering from painful swelling in her feet. She cannot afford to go to a doctor.

This lady is just thrilled with the mattress that she has received to sleep on!

Receiving food every week!

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