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Meet Omar, our volunteer coordinator.

Please meet Omar. He is our Volunteer Coordinator and he is working hard at home during our quarantine.

If you have visited us last year, you probably already met Omar!

Omar is working on organizing activities for our groups that come to visit. We encourage groups, sponsors and individuals to come and visit us. We have all sorts of activities from installing stoves, building houses, distributing water filters, activities at the preschool, lunches, and parties with your sponsored students, home visits, doing activities with the elderly. Omar also organizes weaving classes, bead making classes, Spanish classes, zip-lining, boat trips across the lake, visiting other villages. We look forward to having our visitors back as soon as it is possible! Omar is 26 years old. The father of two beautiful girls. Omar attended an international school in Panajachel and is fluent in English. We are very happy to have Omar working with us.

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