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Please meet Oscar Guarcax. We have two Oscar's working with us but this is the Oscar that works in our Empowerment program. The Empowerment program includes our Microloans program. We currently have 350 small loans out to women. These loans are to enhance an existing business that they have or to help them start a business. Unfortunately, during this period of the COVID crisis, it is very difficult for anyone to have a business right now but the women are doing the very best that they can.

We have suspended repayments for this month due to the COVID crisis.

Oscar's job is to give monthly classes to each group of women. We have women's groups in several different villages.

This includes classes on how to run a business, how to make a profit, how to save, how to build up equity, classes on credit and loans, how to have a bank account, how to apply for a loan, general business practices.

Accompanying groups of women entrepreneurs to small business meetings, advising economic activity, capital placement, investment monitoring, and recovery, in addition to financial education. He also does the formation of women's groups and helping in creating businesses.

He also accompanies women to banks and credit companies and gives advice on families taking loans etc.

This is very important because often people do not understand the amount of interest that they will be charged and how that will affect them.

Often women do not know how to read or write and this is important that they are accompanied for any transactions.

Oscar is 31 years old. He has a degree in Accountancy and he is currently studying for his Master's Degree in

Business Administration.

Oscar speaks Spanish and Kakchiquel.

Oscar is also now working on monitoring our new program of Growing Strong, home gardens. This program we hope will teach families how to have home gardens and produce food to feed their families.

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