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Meet Sergio

Please meet Sergio!

Sergio has been working with Fundamaya since December 2010. He has seen lots of changes and growth in Fundamaya. We are very lucky to have Sergio with us.

A lot of the photos you see or receive are taken by Sergio.

He takes photos, he uploads the photos, he sends the photos to Smugmug, he installs stoves, distributes water filters, distributes food and he works on our Animal program. He has worked on many spay and neuter clinics that we have had. He arranges visits to the vet, picks up dogs and cats that are injured on the street, arranges the food purchases for the animals. Sergio is 31 years old. He is married to Sayda who is also a staff member here at Fundamaya. Together they have a beautiful baby boy who is the light of their lives. Sergio graduated from High school with a degree in bookkeeping and he has two years to go to finish his degree in Computer Engineer Systems at the University.

Unfortunately, he lost his sponsor and was not able to continue this year but hopes to be able to continue next year.

Sergio's father in law is diabetic and is on dialysis three times a day. Sergio has been instrumental in making it possible for his father to stay at home for these treatments.

Sergio was also diagnosed diabetic over two years ago now. He has learned a lot about diabetes and how to care for himself and has done a great job with it.

Sergio also drives our FundaMaya tuk tuk on occasion so if you are in town you may see Sergio go past in our own tuk tuk.

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