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Muchas Gracias!!

As we reflect on the tremendous success of Giving Tuesday, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for your heartfelt contribution to Fundamaya. Your generosity is a beacon of hope that will illuminate the lives of many in the highlands of Guatemala.

Your donation holds the power to make a lasting impact on the children attending our Preschool and Nutrition Centers. It is through your kindness that these youngsters, coming from underprivileged backgrounds, are afforded the opportunity to receive a valuable head start on their educational journey. Your support is not just a financial contribution; it is an investment in the futures of these bright minds.

Moreover, your commitment reaches beyond the classroom. The funds you've shared will also contribute to our Elderly Care program, providing essential support and nourishment to 75 elderly individuals in San Jorge la Laguna and Panajachel. Your compassion extends to those often forgotten, ensuring that their later years are marked by care, dignity, and comfort.

In this season of giving, your selflessness has touched the hearts of many and has become a catalyst for positive change. On behalf of the Fundamaya team and the communities we serve, please accept our deepest thanks for your meaningful contribution. Together, we are building a brighter, more compassionate future.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with warmth and gratitude.

With sincere appreciation,

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