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It has been a very busy week with getting food out to as many families as we could.

This week we have given food out to over 500 families, with most of the families having at least 5 people in the family that is a possible 2,500 people that are being fed this week because of our donors' thank you!!   But this is why I have been too busy to get an update to you earlier about the young pup who was run over and had this horrible leg injury for probably a month.

This is how I found her when I went for a walk.  Her leg was just awful. 

Thanks to our wonderful donors we were able to get her medical care the very next day.

The veterinarian said that she must have been in a lot of pain. 

Her leg was very swollen, completely bent over and there were open wounds underneath her leg.  

Unfortunately, there was nothing to do but amputate her front leg.

Thanks to the wonderful animal-loving donors that we have, we were able to pay for her to have her leg amputated. 

She has now been recovering at my house for the past 4 days.

The vet commented when I called him that this was the sweetest dog that he has ever had. He said she is just so grateful for whatever you do for her!.  It is true when I was with her at the vet's. office, even when he injected her and it was obviously painful, she cried but she kept wagging her tail. 

Thank you to everyone for helping but I have two very special is to the the 

Children at the Noah's Ark Ministry at Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church in Crofton MD donated $200 that they had been saving up.  They named the dog Alma...which in Spanish means soul. 

The next special thank you is to Lee Ann Haggerty and her family.

And then we had one lovely family who have offered to Alma and have her in the US to be part of their family. As soon as we can arrange a flight for her, ( of course, no one really knows when that will be yet.) she will be one very lucky dog.  The Haggerty's have already adopted one of the dogs from our shelter that  Caroline Tiffin from Guatemala Hope for the Animals had taken to her foster home and then arranged to fly to the US.    This dog is now living the life of luxury and Alma will join this family!     Not only did they do that but the Haggerty family have a very special son, Tyler, who is 11 years old and has been saving his money for something special.  When his mother, Lee Ann told him about the dog, Tyler immediately offered $250 of the $263 US he had been saving for getting good grades.  The Haggerty children decided to call her Dulce which means sweet in Spanish and that is so fitting for this sweetheart. 

 So please meet Alma Dulce...which means sweet soul and she definitely is!

Please meet incredibly kind and generous young man who gives us all hope for the future.

Tyler donated his savings to buy food for Alma Dulce while she is here.   Tyler is going to be Alma Dulce's future best friend!

Thanks to all of you and the Haggerty family Alma Dulce now has a chance at a very loving home and a happy life.

A long way from lying on the street, hungry, dehydrated, and in terrible pain.

Thank you!!!!

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