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Thank you to our wonderful Volunteers!

Write something. This thank you is to each and every one of you on our Amigos group page! This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week and before this week ends we want to give each and every one of you a huge round of applause, well deserved thanks, and let you know how much you are appreciated by everyone! You, our volunteers help in so many ways. Fundamaya would not have existed without the help of so many people, groups, families, individuals, and communities who gave generously of their time, fantastic ideas, energy, inspiration, kindness, and loving hearts. Whether you have taken on the big jobs of packing and sending shipments, collecting much-needed items, Christmas toys for Children, blankets for the elderly, knitting baby hats, providing medical, dental, and eye care, installing stoves, water filters, building houses, distributing water filters, organizing, packing food baskets, helping with our social media and providing much-needed advice, encouragement, and inspiration, sharing the newsletters, sponsoring children, helping the elderly, encouraging others to sponsor children and the 1001 other ways you have helped we are grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you also for your referrals, allowing others to join us on this journey of inspiration and building hope through education and empowerment.

Truly Fundamaya would not have been able to begin and work tirelessly for more than 17 years now without the support of so many of you who have given so generously of your time and your hearts. We welcome everyone to continue this journey with Fundamaya!

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robyn quaintance
robyn quaintance
May 04, 2023

HOw does one find out about volunteer activities for next Jan and Feb?




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