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The preschools are open again!!

At Fundamaya we are delighted that our three preschools, one in Panajachel, one in San Jorge la Laguna and one in San Antonio Palopo are open again.

It has been a long road through the pandemic and while it is still not over the situation is better and the children are now allowed to return to classes.

The classes, according to govt. rules, have to be smaller than we usually have but the children are very happy to be back! They are happy to be playing with friends, learning songs, painting, coloring in, and playing educational games.

Many of the children who attend the Fundamaya preschools do not have toys to play with at home so coming to the preschool and having blocks to play with and educational toys is a great thing for them.

Father's Day was celebrated at the preschool and it was a lot of fun for the children to be able to see their father ( and in some cases, grandfather come) to be with them, to give them cake and a re-usable bottle of rosa jamaica to enjoy. Rosa Jamaica is a drink made from hibiscus flowers. It is delicious and high in vitamin C.

The children need sponsoring to be able to attend the preschool and to be able to go onto school. It is just $1.17 US to sponsor a child to go to school.

Keily is one of our students who is waiting for a sponsor, she is 4 years old and her birthdate is January 12, 2018.

To sponsor Keily or another student, please go to our website,

Keily has a student ID. number and it is #939.

We welcome visitors to our preschool and this past week we were delighted to have Art teacher, Karen Edelman and her son, Diego visit and spend time with the children.

To sponsor a child or to organize a visit , please contact,

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