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Dear Friends,

Goodness gracious, where has the year gone? But at the same time, can we get to 2021 fast enough?

As we reflect on all that has happened throughout the United States, Guatemala, and the rest of the world during the past eleven months it is truly amazing. There has been hardship and stress. There has been strife. There has been sadness and loneliness. There has been sacrifice and loss.

There has also been compassion. There has been education and growth. Many have experienced a "slowing down of life" and return to time spent with immediate family. There has been a resolve to make changes for the betterment of the lives of others. There has been giving of oneself and hope.

We have seen each of the above in the lives affected by FundaMaya: those we serve, our donors and supporters, and our staff. We can celebrate the ways we have made a difference together and understand how we can still make a difference going forward.

We are nearing Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, on December 1, 2020. We, at FundaMaya, will be sharing our focus for our 2020 Campaign in the coming days. We have named our campaign "A Time of Giving & Gratitude."

We each give and have things to be grateful for. In turn, when we see how much we have to be grateful for, we also see more clearly what we have to give. Stay tuned...

Please take a few minutes to continue reading as we try to share the situation on the ground in our area of Guatemala, explain what we have been doing, and share where we still aim to serve.

We wish each of you peace, good health, and knowledge of our gratitude for your support.





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Current Situation in Guatemala

As in much of the rest of the world, COVID-19 is still a force to be reckoned with for each of us and our families. As of November 15, the World Health Organization says Guatemala has 114,179 overall confirmed cases and 3,920 confirmed deaths (which are believed to be under inflated numbers).

The President of Guatemala has opened the country up for businesses to operate and there are no curfews. There is more work for people with stores and businesses being open, but it is still a real struggle against hunger for families.

However, there are more cases of COVID-19 - as many cases are not being reported now, along with there being a greater number of interactions amongst people. In Guatemala, there is a large "stigma" if you are identified as being sick with COVID-19. In indigenous populations, the effects of stigma can be that much more. So many are living on the "verge" of complete struggle. The idea of being associated with someone (i.e., family member or a close neighbor) with COVID-19 can then lead family members to not being able to work. If there are only one or two people working in the extended family, the effects of non-work and loss of wages, can be felt by a large number of people in the entire family.

We at FundaMaya, Action Alliance, and FundaMaya Canada are so thankful for all the support that you have given us during these very difficult months. Your support has allowed us to continue delivering food to hungry families four days a week since this pandemic started.

The needs of the people we serve are "now." In time, we will begin to focus on more long-term projects - but right now people are hungry and have very real medical problems.